Change a life with solar cooking.

Some cannot afford to buy, or cannot gather, fuel to cook food or make their water safe to drink.

Solar cooking is a solution for nearly 3 billion people worldwide, who earn less than $2 a day, and cook over open fires.

"The Solar Cooking Solution" shows how solar cooking is making a difference Kenya, India, and Nepal in 2015. Learn more about the solution SCI’s donors make possible with their gifts to support solar cooking worldwide. Learn how you can help make a difference with solar cooking.

  • Resilience in Nepal after the Quake

    Nepalese students discover ways to cook food and pasteurize water with free solar energy after the earthquake thanks to SCI's donors. Photo: S. Kaji, Director of FoST, Nepal. 2015

  • A New Life with Solar Cooking

    Jecinter, a field project partner, took this photo inside Rose's home to show solar cooking's potential. Photo: Lower Nyakach, Kenya, 2015

A woman who cooks over an open fire inhales smoke every day, is in danger of burns, and strips the land of wood. 

Nearly 3 billion people in 2015 cook over open fires.

You can help create a solar cooking world, where....

Nearly 3 billion people can cook with free solar energy, reducing the risk to health, safety, and our environment.

Your support can help change lives and save our environment.



Your gift gives people solar cooking knowledge and tools to...

  • Make water safe to drink
  • Avoid attack, rape, or murder with fewer trips far from home to collect wood
  • Reduce the amount of cooking smoke they inhale
  • Buy more food, pay for school fees and other family needs with  money formerly spent on cooking fuels
  • Reduce risk of severe, disfiguring, or even fatal burns from cooking fires
  • Harvest fewer trees, cooling our environment

Your gift helps women cook with free solar energy: zero-emission, and good for the planet.

Will you help with a gift for solar cooking today?




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Remembering Joyce Jett-Ali


1947 - 2015

Click here to learn about Joyce's dedication to solar cooking.