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Your gift to Solar Cookers International has great impact. Virtual gifts include free downloadable gift tags with purchase.

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Drinkable Water

Imagine a village where 60 people now have safe water. What a gift for $500! SCI's safe water packages include a CooKit, water pasteurization indicator, black lidded pot, improved cookstove, retained heat cooker, and instruction. Click here.

Treasure Chest

Your gift of $250 can help provide information worldwide about who’s solar cooking where. Your support helps provide an online treasure trove of articles, photos, and videos about solar cooking. We provide online the knowledge to start solar cooking. Click here.

Solar Cooking

With your $100 gift, women and children who cook over open fires can have access to an alternative with a solar cooker and information to help them use it. You promote clean cooking cook with free, no-emission solar energy. Click here.

Cooking Tools

Your $50 gift represents a 3-lb roaster. Women need cooking tools. SCI provides the knowledge to make solar cooking possible. Click here.

Cleaner Air

Your $75 is a gift of bluer sky, a deeper breath, and time to enjoy them. With solar cooking, you give women a break from gleaning dirty firewood to burn. Air pollution is reduced. Click here.


$25 represents educational materials to a woman in a less developed country. Click here.

Note: gift opportunities reflect the intrinsic value of the gift rather than actual costs. Gifts matched dollar for dollar up to $6,500, but only if you act by December 30th.

Other Gifts

Items from SCI's store are not tax deductible.

T-Shirt Price: $19.95
Solar Cooker: A Primer/Cookbook
Solar Cooker: A Primer/Cookbook Price: $8.95
Solar Cooking for Home & Camp
Solar Cooking for Home & Camp Price: $12.95


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