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“How do I ship 2,000 solar cookers to a refugee camp?”

“My wife’s doctor told her she can’t cook over a fire anymore because it’s ruining her lungs; can you tell us about solar cooking?”

“Can I cook lentils, bread and cake in a solar oven?”

These questions and more are answered by SCI’s staff, webmasters and SCInet members through personal replies and through our free, online, unparalleled collection of solar cooking knowledge: the SCInet wiki.

SCI provides knowledge and collaboration that help make solar cooking successful. Through projects, outreach and collective advocacy, more than 560 individuals, NGOs, community-based organizations and governments spread know-how of solar thermal technology, including cooking, pasteurization and food processing.

SCI’s formal network, the SCInet, provides its members with free Web space and assistance adding updates to its comprehensive SCInet wiki. SCInet wiki offers a query response service, news sharing among independent solar cooking promoters, and periodic email updates. SCInet members help draft new solar cooker performance standards and share expertise and examples of sustainable commercial successes.

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