Julie Greene

Julie Greene

Executive Director

Greene leads international solar cooking advocacy, education, research, and networking activity. Greene leverages global expertise to drive solar cooker technology adoption through more than 500 partners in 133 countries.

Leading the strategy for advocacy, she exercises SCI’s special consultative status with the United Nation's Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Greene speaks on behalf of the global solar cooking sector, offering expertise and responding to requests for cooking and water pasteurization energy solutions on an international scale. Greene is editor of the SCI Digest, and is coordinating a solar cooker performance evaluation process that harmonizes with the International Organization of Standards 285 standard for clean cookstoves.

SCI’s work focuses first on the women and girls who live on less than $2 a day (USD) who also pay the highest human cost for their cooking energy in the world’s poorest regions.   

Presentations include:

Keynote, 6th SCI World Conference 2017, Goraj, Gujarat, India; ConSolFood 2016, University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal;TEDxSacramento 2016 Changemaker Fellow, Keynote, 5th SCI World Conference 2014, Sacramento, California USA;and TEDx Grass Valley, 2012.

Greene was awarded the Suman Foundation’s Suryamitra Award in 2015. She was nominated for the Outstanding Women Leader Award for visionary leadership by the National Association of Women Business Owners, Sacramento Chapter, 2016. She is a Climate Reality Leader (Denver 2017). Languages: English, French.


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