"The smoke is killing me," she said.

A woman cooking over a wood or dung fire spends hours every day choking on smoke and wiping tears streaming from her eyes.


And she risks being one of 7 million people who will die prematurely this year because of air pollution.


Solar cooking gives women who cook over open fires hope and health. 


Why Solar Cooking Matters

For those who forage for fuel, prepare meals and pasteurize their drinking water over open fires, cooking is a dangerous and time-consuming job.

Burning wood, animal waste, and charcoal undermines health, quality of life, educational systems, economies, and the environment.

Nearly 3 billion people cook their food over open fires, cutting down trees faster than they can grow. When trees are cut down, the soil erodes and crop production can drop.

How You Can Help

Your support gives a useful, practical cooking and water pasteurization alternative to people who live in extreme poverty - living on less than $1.25 per day -  in sun-rich, fuel-starved regions.

Your gift helps spread solar cooking in 135 countries.