• Provides life-changing solar cooking solutions.

    Rusalina shows how much firewood she saves in a day by solar cooking. Photo by Dinah Chienjo, 2013


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Imagine walking two hours to gather the wood needed to cook your food for the day. For billions like Rusalina, cooking over an open fire is a daily part of life.

With solar cooking, Rusalina uses her time for other activities like weaving mats to sell.

For $60, you can provide women like Rusalina with a Safe Water Package that includes the tools and training to solar cook and pastuerize water using only free energy from sunlight.

Give life-changing solar cooking knowledge to others like Rusalina. Make a gift today.

SCI has identified 10,000 households--nearly 50,000 people who need the cooking and water pasteurization tools SCI provides--in the Lower Nyakach region where Rusalina lives. So far, we've supplied solar cooking solutions to 1,250 households. Help us reach the rest with your gift today.